What’s for Dinner?

IMG_2446We’ve been thinking about what we eat lately and something we heard on The Peoples’ Pharmacy with Terry and Joe Graedon got our attention. Terry and Joe aren’t afraid to take on the medical establishment, which is known for its rigid “healing through chemistry” doctrine while eschewing all other methods. Featured on this particular show was an interview with Dr. William Li, M.D. His new book is “Eat to Beat Disease.” Working with the new science about what the body eats and how it converts it, he has been able to pinpoint foods that benefit bodily defense systems including blood circulation, DNA, regeneration, microbiome & immunity. He’s not suggesting that we dump our current diets [though we could all do better than inhaling bags of deep fry and salty, sweet items with great mouth feel designed to be addictive]. He’s simply recommending that we add certain foods to our diets…on a regular basis. IMG_2447Here’s a bit of science:

  • Kiwifruit and purple potatoes benefit DNA
  • Pomegranates, cranberries & cherries boost the immune system
  • Your gut loves mushrooms, barley & sour dough bread
  • Chilis and peppers are great for blood vessels and circulation

IMG_2448Sound familiar? They are. This is no quirky diet prescription. But if we think that adding 5 or more of these flavorful ingredients to our daily diet on a rotating basis can be beneficial to our health, what’s to lose? No doubt we’d all buy insurance to starve cancer cells. For a full list of ingredients, you’ll have to buy Dr. Li’s book. Meanwhile, we’re going to be making some recipes on these cold winter days while we wait for our guests this coming season. We started the New Year with blanched collard green leaves stuffed with avocado, mushrooms, barley and bay scallop mousseline on a slow cooked tomato, basil and garlic marinara. We’ll get back to you after we finish the leftovers.


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