Just One Year Shy of a Quarter Century

Champagne copyAs we enter the New Year at the dawn of a new decade, we look back on 24 years of welcoming guests into our 1897 “summer cottage” lovingly restored as Kingsbrae Arms. We celebrate our Canadian heritage as one of the grand old homes built at the turn of the century. Not the most recent century. The last one. The 1890’s throughimages the 1920’s were busy years in St. Andrews once the town became known for its healthful resort qualities and easy access. One of the bright lights in St. Andrews titled her book of neighborhood and architectural recollections¬†NO HAY FEVER AND A RAILROAD. That said it all back then when the Canadian Pacific steamed into towns across the nation with the motto, “you can’t bring the scenery to the people, but you can bring people to the scenery.” This was a business See_Canada_First_adv._1906proposition that would last for years. Our own 24 years causes us to pause at where we’ve been and where we’re going. Imagine at the dawn of our own history, email and the internet were just getting started and no one had a smart phone to scroll the day away. Now we think it fitting to offer a refuge from all three. We hope you will visit us in 2020.¬†We guarantee it will be time well spent. To encourage that we are offering our month-long New Year’s Discount. Visit us at www.kingsbrae.com for all the details. See Canada First! See you soon! And Happy New Year/Decade!

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