Falling in Love All Over Again

Rustic BridgeSometimes we get so busy running the inn, preparing the rooms, planning the breakfasts, tending the garden and most importantly, greeting our guests that we forget about so much of the beauty all around us. On a recent and rare day we ventured out in the early morning and fell in love with St. Andrews all over again. There are the shady walks filled with twists and turns showing the way. That old rustic garden bridge that has been rebuilt so many times in Centennial Park. Bay ViewAround another corner and even the dogs attention is grabbed by the glimpse of the Bay then at high tide. HarbourOut in the rising sunshine boats bob on the peaceful harbour that has protected the town from the menace of privateers and ravages of weather. It’s easy to overlook these gorgeous vistas, but impossible to forget. That’s why we bring a little of the outdoors in from time to time to remind us of what we have, even when we are missing it.Garden Blooms

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