Be Well

Yoga on Bay of FundyGot wellness?

Yes, we do. It’s all around us in an ocean resort playground designed to make you feel good. Invigorated. Relaxed. Well.

Start after a restful night’s sleep. Breakfast and healthy choices abound. Toasted almond granola. Yoghurt. Soft fruit custards. Fresh cut fruit salad. Dried fruits and seeds. Whole grain bread. You can skip the shirred egg with aged cheddar, but we don’t think you should. You’ve earned it. And maybe enjoy a home baked croissant or two during your stay. Hey, you’re going to burn it off anyway. Perfect combination. Deliciously wholesome with earned indulgences. Works every time.

Water Lily PondAfter breakfast, bring your mat to the garden or down to the sea. Yoga, Pilates and meditation travel well. They go with you wherever you go. Even dumbbells travel well. No, that is not a comment on you or your travel companion. Just a workout suggestion. Find your bliss in one of the many fine and private places all around the inn and gardens and town. Secret: there’s Centennial Park with a water lily pond and a hand built arching Japanese bridge right by the battlement blockhouse. War is for hotheads. This peaceful place will take the combat out of your life while fostering fitness.

Biking in a KiltFeeling ambitious and needing more action? How about getting your kilt on and going for a curated ride with a cross training master. If it’s water you want, sea kayaking puts you right at the shore with a duck-eye view of the scenery once you push off. Ocean floorOr perhaps you might top off your daily step quotient on the ocean floor.

Still looking for ways to recharge and rejuvenate in our resort by-the-Sea. Try some of these:Bay of Fundy

Garden FairyWhatever you do, don’t cut yourself short on time. Saint Andrews has a wealth of wellness that dates far back to days gone by. And for days as new as tomorrow.






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