Just Now in the Garden

IMG_0979Magnolias aren’t known to thrive this far north, but this one didn’t get the memo. We’re thrilled to see her blossom every spring. After a rain or a light wind, the lawn underneath is carpeted with petals. For a while it was touch and go. We thought we’d lost her a few times after a harsh winter.

IMG_0982At the same time the crabapples are now flowering profusely in deep vermilion and the parade of spring colours continues all around. The whites of the Bradford pears, the pale pinks of the Arctic willows, the magentas of the lucky magnolia and the scarlet of the Japanese maple that once again survived the attention of our marauding deer population. IMG_0321 (2)As if not to be outdone, our feathery neighbour pays the occasional visit dressed in finery that challenges nature’s usual restraints while dazzling the eye hungry for change in this wintry clime.

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