Beat the snow

Cauliflower ParmIf you’re looking for something to get you through the next blizzard [or the one after that for that matter] check out this Parmigiana recipe from the New York Times:

It is infinitely adaptable and can be made with any number of ingredients. In our first effort, we made the cauliflower shapes look like meatballs. In the next, we layered Norland red potatoes, kale & broccoli to the cauliflower.

2-12Our tip to good health is roasting the vegetables rather than frying them. Now don’t get us wrong. We still dredge, but in chickpea flour rather than all-purpose, coat the bits with egg and cover them with panko. But instead of dropping them into a half inch of scalding oil, we spread them on an oven tray and pop them into the oven @ 425 for 30 minutes. Out they come, golden and crunchy. [We were tempted to stop there and chow down, but we had already made the sauce.] And of course, sauce is a very personal thing. We use bacon and two kinds of paste for the base: anchovy and tomato. Then sauteed onions, shredded carrots, two cans of San Marzano tomatoes and plenty of seasoning, spice and a dash of 2-3Fvinegar & sugar. Your call. Shred mozzarella. Grate Parmesan and do the layering in a big glass Pyrex pan starting with sauce, cheese, bits, sauce, cheese, kale, sauce, cheese bits and top with more Parmesan, maybe some nutmeg. You get the idea. This will get you through the snow if there’s no Caribbean in your near future and your four foot picket fence is a thing of the past.

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