2015 Kingsbrae [F]Arms Crops

2-16AThis last blizzard day kitchen sink pizza got us thinking about our garden and greenhouse crops for the coming season. Maybe it was the thick armor of onions and their golden caramelized finish we craved—or sinking our teeth into the crunch of charred kale, arugula and mustard greens underneath. Doesn’t matter. The pizza sustained us and put us to work. Final seed catalog decisions were made after reviewing the results of last season and performing a kind of Mendelian Darwinism of those that performed and those that did not. 2-16

As you can imagine from the winters we’ve been experiencing, this is a tough garden spot prone to everything from gale force winds to freak frosts & hail to blight blowing in from the sea. Notwithstanding, all is idealized at this time of year when failures are merely a figment of the future and indoor micro green crops stand in stark contrast to the piles of snow outside. Here then are the crops we’ll be growing in garden and greenhouse and serving on our table this year. 2-16B

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