Risotto No-Stir Redux

Risotto ScallopsSomewhere in the early dawn of everything digital we downloaded a 2000 New York Times article titled “Minute Risotto [Almost]” by Melissa Clark @goodappetite on behalf of master chef Christian Delouvrier @DelouvrierChef. Our pack-rat tendencies are to organize recipe downloads, scribbles, scratches, notes & shreds in loose-leaf binders [we have several] and when we’re not so organised tossing them into plastic task baskets for random retrieval. Seems like risotto is getting a bump in popularity lately and we think it’s time to revisit the no-stir method from the archives. Chef Delouvrier’s was an elegant iteration with black truffle foam and as decadent as you can imagine. But for us…and for you, the real reveal was the time saving shortcuts we haven’t seen in print lately. Let us unpack these secrets for you.

  • Ingredients:
    • 3/4 cup of arborio rice
    • 1/2 cup dry white wine
    • 1-1/4 cups stock/broth [your choice of meat, poultry, vegetarian…depending on your ultimate flavor profile. Remember, risotto is essentially a delivery system.]
  • Method
    • Saute [or not] rice in a bit of butter/oil to toast
    • Combine rice and wine and simmer until wine is absorbed. Let cool. [This is important. Suggest doing this step in the morning to ensure a cool mixture by lunch or dinner time.]
    • To finish: heat stock/broth, blend into the rice with a wooden spoon breaking up the chunks of inebriated rice and simmer till liquid is absorbed [about 6 minutes.]
    • No need to stir except to perform the biblical parting of the rice mixture at the bottom of the pan to test for proper consistency.

That’s it. Honest. You now have a creamy risotto, which you and your imagination can tease, coax, supplement, flavor & enrich with infinite combinations of butter, cheese, cream, creme fraiche, sour cream, sauteed vegetables, purees, seafood, caramelized savories…[preferably not all at once]. This is where you shine with unique possibilities. 

001Who needs to stand over a stove for 20 minutes stirring? This no-stir result is as traditional as chestnuts [how about roasted chestnut risotto?] and just perfect as we enter the season of holiday excess & pleasure with so little time for any of it. Besides, if you’ve ever eaten restaurant risotto, you’ve probably eaten this version many times.


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