Marrakesh Meandering

TagineCruciferous vegetables, chicken suprême, lemons, tomatoes, olives…unlikely combinations, but legit ingredients all in Daniel Bouloud’s tagine recipe. We were wondering about a mid-autumn Sunday dinner when thanks to Sam Sifton’s recent New York Times article, everything fell into place. By early afternoon the kitchen filled with toasty aromas of spices, a heady mix of cardamom, garam masala, 5-spice, allspice [not the same] turmeric, ginger,coriander seed. Lots of paprika, of course. Along the way we got bold with the ingredients and added some of our own. Pickled red peppers, pepperoni & apricot studded Israeli couscous. We love these collaborations. One idea begets another. We’re always testing and taking new avenues that can be explored with flavor. Our “tagine” was considered a success. Sort of a color wheel hedge against the certain monochromatic monotony to come in the snowy months ahead. The recipe will be re-used and revised and the palate will dance on our tongues as our eyes look forward to the hews of spring. This is a worthy effort.

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