So what’s in the bowl?

001We chose our salad greens [and reds and magenta’s and ruby’s and copper’s]  for taste, color & texture. Starting at the greenhouse, there’s lots of cruciferous fireworks with arugula, tat soi & mizuna. Magenta spreen is a favorite and just around the there’s a burst of ruby orach. Dappled lettuce leaves are a favorite. Speckled trout, perfectly named. And deer tongue, very anatomically correct if you’re a deer, but not invited to this banquet. Stay out please. [Truth is we leave little goodies in pots outside the greenhouse for these night time foragers. Call us softies.] And then beet greens & kales give the crisp textures. Tickly Russian red and reptilian skinned Italian lacinato. 7-21A little of this. A little of that, and each evening at Topside Tavern comes an ever changing palate to temp eye as well as tongue. Dressing secret ingredient? 7-16AMaple syrup that over the winter was mere sap in a local stand of trees. It’s all finished with a pickled egg, edible day lily, sprinkle of pumpkin seeds [the pumpkins come later], candied pecans, cranberries & a buttery crostini.  Tutti a tavola…[Did we say we love Lydia?]

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