Preparing and Planting

CrocusAs sure as spring the crocus [croci?] return every year right where we left them. They multiply in their cozy clumps. They’re a sure sign that our garden beds are ready to work. Another sure sign is the welcome emergence of the garlic we planted last fall.Garlic Tiny ears of green coming through the mulch. By June the scapes will bolt and the sweet heads of our favorite “music” variety will be ready to harvest in July. Hard to believe that anything survived the furies of this past winter, but earth renewal seems inevitable. There is a wild sort of determination about it despite our best efforts to thwart it.

All this week we have been grooming. Planted bedsHard to believe but we’re about 80% planted. There are full boxes of hakurei turnips, Chantenay red carrots, and split boxes of Russian red & Tuscan lascinato kale; chioggia & sun gold beets; mache & mixed spinach. Sugar snaps were loaded in a week or so ago and are just beginning to poke above ground. Planted Salad BarWe also loaded our “salad bar” with multi-colored varieties of cherry bell, Easter egg [seems appropriate this week] & French breakfast radishes along with lettuce rows of red and green deer tongue, speckled trout [a favorite], butter crunch & a row or two of tat soi & purple mizuna. There’s not much to see now, but in no time…

Potato soil prepWe learned a neat little trick this season for preparing the potato beds. Potatoes like a slightly acid, loose soil so we tilled and turned over and amended with plenty of organic compost from the kitchen and oak leaf mold. Next we covered the bed with clear plastic to assist in “soil solarization”. We’re told the heat breaks down the compost to it’s usable components and at the same time kills some nasty soil born pathogens.

The pictures in this post speak only of faith that our seeds will deliver on their promise. We promise to post the results as they come in. This afternoon we’re planting trays of microgreens for Topside Tavern’s launch and our Mother’s Day Benefit Brunch menu. We’re already getting table reservation. Renewal. Reopening. Reawakening. We love it. Happy Spring.


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