Goodbye to April & All That

April has come and gone along with it’s 4-12 7 BUYunseasonable snowfalls, but we hardly noticed. Too much to do and plan for Mother’s Day Weekend, the first guest arrivals and our benefit dinners and brunch. 5-2-13Brian has just a few last remaining touches before we unveil our new barrel domed guest wing front porch. The average greenhouse temperature is 80 degrees F and seed trays are vying for space.001 Seems they are ready for planting out as fast as we plant them. The lawn is greening, buds are bursting, daffodils are dipping & early tulips are in bloom. There’s a whole crop of lettuce in the 4-28A“salad bowl” and pea shoots are unfurling their tendrils. Our kitchen garden is coming alive with cold tolerant early spring crops. There are tiny specimens, but nevertheless evident rows of spinach, radishes, turnips, beets, greens & onions. 004Chard, collards & kale seeds are germinating and perennial herbs are up from their winter slumber–fresh & garlic chives, sage, & tarragon. It’s a brand new landscape and one we welcome every year. 009

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