Ride hard

Move over Bruce Willis. This uniquely Scottish experience is to die hard for. Launch your Off Kilter Bike tour with an expert this season. Kurt Gumushel is a marathoner, long distance tri-athlete, weightlifting enthusiast, coach, raconteur, history buff and yoga practitioner; in fact, if you like, you can enhance your ride with lessons in sketching, water colors or oils and end your ride with private yoga. Namaste!

So, why bike in a kilt? Perhaps because the town of St. Andrews-by-the-Sea has bona-fide Scottish roots. Perhaps because there’s the hint of sassy danger in the attire for male or female alike. Or perhaps because Gumushel’s father is a master tailor who has been supplying the town with tartans for years. [The Kilt & Kaboodle shop is on Water Street.] Whatever the reason, you haven’t felt this free since the elastic waistband.

[Choose from two-hour rides to daylong adventures with lunch at breathtaking vistas. Lightweight, stylish loaner kilts are provided for easy, moderate, extreme or themed options along with bike, helmet and water. To book a tour, give us a call or contact Kurt: kurt@offkilterbike.com Cell: (506) 466-8388]

Get yer kilt. Ride hard. Then return to the comfort of your St. Andrews home and allow Chef to replenish your nutrients and our Sommelier to look after your re-hydration.

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