Curated Culinary Journeys

Over the past years we’ve been conscientious about making the most of local resources, growing our own food when we can & doing our bit for the planet by re-cycling, composting & reducing energy consumption. Most of this has been behind the scenes. Out of sight. Away from our guests. But as our kitchen garden grows and our relationships with local fishmongers and farmers expand, we think it’s time to include our guests in the fun.

Fun? We think so. After all, the people who go off to sea for the day’s catch, the farmers who till the soil, raise the animals, forage for mushrooms and tend the vegetable gardens are the unsung heroes of the food world. Without them, there would be no culinary virtuosity. And without them, we would be deprived of the pleasure of working with them. For our new series of curated culinary journeys, we think we’ve blended just the right amount of discovery and learning with entertainment, social contact and, well, a bit of wonder.

If answers to questions like:

  • Where does our food come from?
  • What is the impact on our planet?
  • How do I prepare it?
  • And when do we eat?

appeal to you, then sign up for one of our curated culinary journeys and find out. If it’s seafood that excites, we’ll take you on a Bay of Fundy expedition. If it’s a family farm raising animals and making raw milk cheese that fascinates, it’s all aboard to the majestic Saint John River Valley deeded by King George III to the original inhabitants. If you want it all, you can book a weeklong adventure spent in the good company, counsel and cuisine of Chef Guillaume Delauné. We hope you’ll join us.

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