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An Historic Country House

St. Andrews blossomed as a summer colony seaside resort town when the Canadian Pacific Railroad laid a branch line from Montreal making it accessible to wealthy urban families at the turn of the century. “Cottages” of staggering proportions, meant to be occupied for a mere three months of the year, were the anchors of the social season. One of these cottages was Kingsbrae Arms, built in 1897. Back then urgent gossip speculated whether Ellin would marry Irving Berlin (she did); or if Marguerite had danced with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales (ditto). Meanwhile Franklin & Eleanor were not far away on their Campobello estate. This is all part of the historic backdrop to this quiet inn in St. Andrews. Welcome to another less hurried era. Bienvenue dans une ère différente, moins pressée.


kingsbrae arms inn
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219 King Street, St. Andrews, New Brunswick E5B 1Y1 Canada